Canon Powershot Pro 1

It has been clear for some time, but I haven’t found a good enough replacement yet. That may have changed today. Janet has been using a Digital Ixus 400 from Canon, and while it’s an awesome piece of work considering the size of the box it comes in, it lacks a “few” nice features such as a good zoom and support for external flash equipment.

Enter Canon Powershot Pro 1; whoa! What a nice piece of work this is. It’s not the latest of the greatest from Canon, on the contrary — but if you like photography, you can’t stop yourself from liking it 🙂 The only thing where Janet’s previous camera, the Ixus 400, is better than the Pro 1 is in the size department.

Pro 1 takes better pictures, has a better zoom, more pixels, connectivity with external equipment such as the SpeedLite flash from Canon, and more. Once of the nicest feature with the Pro 1 is the ability to zoom the focus point or “sweet spot” to allow for a better manual focus. The Pro 1 plays in a different league of course, and you can tell by the uh — price 🙂

Anyway, Janet likes it, that was the most important thing. She’s by no means as much of a geek as I am.

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