When Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Facebook owns you

So Google+ users love talking about how stupid Facebook users are and why you just have to be on Google+. Facebook users don’t get it, and just sigh and move along. Have you seen this before?

Apple vs Android; Apple users claim Android users are idiots for not wanting round white corners on everything, Android users claim Apple fans are morons for accepting company lock-ins.

My Penis vs Your Penis … My Tits vs Your Tits … My Wallet vs Your Wallet.

Like it really matters? Have you ever considered the fact you look like an idiot arguing a case that is so blatantly an attempt to defend your own choice? Why do you feel that you have to defend your choice and preference? Do you bash Synth Music lovers too because Country & Western is “the way to go”? AC/DC is going to disappear tomorrow because Justin Bieber is here to take over the world?

Oh no, look at him, s/he’s got one of THOSE … s/he must be with the morons .. WE have got ourselves one of THESE, so we must be with the cool people.

I’ll let you in on a little secret when it comes to the “modern IT world” (to which computers, Internet, cellphones, digital media, and many other things you use in your everyday life belong): This is getting REALLY old.

Get your shit together and show me what you can do with your gadgets and toys. Can you make the movies you need to make? Can you text your friends, stay in touch with your colleagues with your smartphone, get your assignment in on time? Can you deliver the code and the projects you’re paid to code and deliver?

No? Change tools.
Yes? Smile, have a drink, and STFU.

At the end of the day, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, and all the other billion dollar corporations OWN YOU … you’re PAYING them to flaunt THEIR stuff. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. You’re arguing whether or not corners can actually be round.

Meanwhile, back on planet earth …

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