Recycle. Endure. Energy. Pain. Smile. Tear. Flow.

When I ponder the landscape that was once my heart,
and realize the valleys and the mountains are still

I see things that I sometimes forget, there are colors,
not just shades of grey, but sparkling colors; red,
blue, turqoise, emerald, and even yellow. There’s black
and white, but those are shades that hide the other

The river always flows in the same direction, only the
speed and rage of it varies; but sometimes, it stops
for a minute to allow for pondering

I cannot cease to feel, I cannot cease to imagine, for
when I cease, all will end for me. For you, it will
go on as if a leaf had fallen to the ground. It will be
washed away come spring

Recycle. Endure. Energy. Pain. Smile. Tear. Flow.

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