Finally a ZenPhoto theme worthy of being called a theme!

zpGalleriffic Screenshot

I’m a long time user of ZenPhoto, a very nice piece of software for showcasing your photos on a website, in other words a web gallery. I like it mainly for what it doesn’t do, as weird as that may sound. Far too many “photo gallery”-type software packages strive to be a Swiss Army knife of sorts, while ZenPhoto just strives to make sense. Of course, there are also those that don’t do much at all, which seems to defeat the purpose of a gallery.

While upgrading one of my photo sites to the latest version, I decided to check out the number of new and updates themes I was expecting to find; I haven’t had the time to upgrade this site in a while, so I haven’t been keeping up. The gap in versions (and time) led me to believe that there would be some serious improvements in the theme section over at I was wrong.

It still strikes me as odd that something as good as ZenPhoto seems to lack one of the fundamental pieces for a web gallery, layout and design.

Having previously written about the Flickrish Theme for ZenPhoto, I thought I’d go and see if I could find any third-party themes available on the net that I hadn’t seen before. After spending some time looking around, I finally ran into a theme that I had missed while browsing the ZenPhoto site; enter zpGalleriffic!.

It’s a nice, quiet looking web gallery theme that uses Galleriffic for a lot of its work. The author of the zpGalleriffic theme obviously knows what he’s doing — if you’ve been looking for a nice theme for your ZenPhoto site, you may want to give zpGalleriffic a shot (pun intended).

Great work Greg Rentschler! And thank you for making it available to the rest of us! And as always, a big Thank You also to the people behind ZenPhoto!

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  1. Used this zenpage for a long time, and the lack of good theme as u said. But now a couple of new nice theme is there and zenpage is complete.


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