Flickrish – a Flickr style theme for ZenPhoto 1.2

I’ve previously written about ZenPhoto, a very nice web photo album written in PHP. I’ve been using it for a while now and still like it very much, mainly due to its fairly straightforward design and functionality.

One area, however, where ZenPhoto isn’t all that hot is when it comes to its themes. The quality of most themes (and there aren’t many of them to begin with) isn’t all that great.

Perhaps the Flickrish theme for ZenPhoto 1.2x can cure that.. or at least make things a little bit better.

Go check it out; it’s still beta and early days, but it’s looking mighty fine so far. Well, if you like Flickr that is 🙂

Flickrish theme for ZenPhoto 1.2x

2 thoughts on “Flickrish – a Flickr style theme for ZenPhoto 1.2”

  1. You really should let us know if you do a new theme. I just saw this by accident. So please let us know when you are ready with yours and we will gladly add it to our themes page. New themes are always welcome (especially if those are frequently maintained.)

    Btw, the dznrokrzen mentioned is a rather direct mod of the Stopdesign theme actually.


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