Now that girl can sing!

You can say a lot of things about Swedish vocalist Carola, and people do. You can think a lot, a little, or nothing of her, and people do. But you cannot take away her earth shattering vocals. That girl can sing!

Most of the lyrics on her recent album (“I Denna Natt Blir Världen Ny – Jul I Betlehem II” or “Christmas in Bethlehem II”) are in Swedish, but when she takes on “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, she does it with such awesome power, such amazing control, and phenomenal feeling that it makes the hair (if I had any) stand straight up.

What I cannot understand, is why Carola hasn’t made it really big on the international scene. Perhaps it’s by choice, but that contradicts most common images we have of “artists” and “divas”.

You don’t have to agree with her views, you don’t even have to like her.. but if you like music, you’ve got to recognize her talent. Famous divas like Celine Dione and many others don’t hold a candle to this girl IMHO!

Now, if we could only get her to sing a duet with Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) or Axl Rose (GNR).. we’d have some really interesting stuff going on!

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