Be creative, specially when dealing with legends!

So the most prestigious “Musical Award” in the world, the “Nobel Prize of Music”, the Polar Music Prize decided it was time to honor the contributions of Led Zeppelin.

From the Polar Music Prize site: “The 2006 Polar Music Prize is awarded to the British group Led Zeppelin, one of the great pioneers of rock. Their playful and experimental music combined with highly eclectic elements has two essential themes: mysticism and primal energy. These are features that have come to define the genre hard rock.”

OK, so basically the Polar Music Prize jury agrees with millions of rockers out there — that is good. What is not so good, in fact downright ugly, is that they bring some half-assed bands that plays “rock covers” of Led Zeppelin tunes to the award ceremony.

Why do the obvious? Why not led some not-so-rocking-band do covers of LZ tunes? Swedish artist Thomas Di Leva doing Stairway to Heaven would have been a tribute to music, the very thing that Led Zeppelin gave to us. Nordman doing Black Dog. Some other LZ tune as an acapella. Even a rap (gasp!) version of one of their songs would have been more creative than what was done.

It amazes me that people who arrange award shows for creative work, spend so little time being creative!

If you haven’t listened to Thomas Di Leva, there’s an english language site available here. He’s weird, lovely, and a very cosmic person. You’ve been warned 🙂

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