Guns N´ Roses to play in Stockholm on June 26

Guns N´ Roses to play in the Globe arena of Stockholm on June 26 2006; or so the story goes anyway. The tickets are set to be released on thursday March 9. So the band and (in particular) Axl has almost four months to cancel the tour 🙂 GNR is also scheduled to play at the Roskilde festival in Denmark on June 29.

Seeing is believing they say, never have those words been more true than now 🙂

Previous entry hinting about acitivty is here

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  1. Axl Rose is now a homo, he has transformed from the anti-christ rock-n-roll hero that we knew and loved in the early ’90’s. Besides, His (current) lead guitarist wears a KFC bucket on his head, what a fashion statement.


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