What is up with Axl this time?

An “interesting” article on VH1 concludes that “something” is up with Axl. Well, those of us who wonder already know something is up with Axl. The question is, what is it this time?

I want to see the “new album” released as much as anyone looking forward to it, but what is of bigger interest to me is to understand how something this small on the scale of things, can attract attention so many years after the fact? Axl Rose must have left a vacuum on the rock scene the size of a continent; despite the vast amount of rock bands and acts that have emerged since GNR completed their stage exit.

The article on VH1.COM: www.vh1.com/artists/news/1524776/02232006/guns_n_roses.

New record, new shows, new appearances, public sightings, and what not.. yes, indeed; but what I’d like to see the most is the return of GNR. One way or the other. Perhaps it’ll be a disappointment, perhaps it’ll be pathetic, but it will hopefully once and for all put an end to the rumour circus. During the past decade, one might think the articles and “news” on Axl and GNR were authored by something like the Bizarre Rumour Generator.

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  1. Guns N´ Roses to play in the Globe arena of Stockholm on June 26 2006; or so the story goes anyway. The tickets are set to be released on thursday March 9. So the band (and in particular) Axl has almost four months to cancel the tour 🙂 GNR is also sched


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