JoomlaFCK and non-ASCII characters (HTML entities)

I’ve been using the JoomlaFCK-mambot (or is it “jombot”?) for a while now and am mostly pleased with it. At least when comparing it to the alternatives. There are, however, some problems with the default configuration of JoomlaFCK. One default behavior in particular causes the Joomla search engine to fail miserably when you attempt to search for “htmlentities”, in other words, characters like Å Ä Ö Ü.

To change the behavior of the editor, you can change the contents of the file “fckconfig.js” located in the “fckeditor”-directory under “editors” (mambots). It would be really nice if the JoomlaFCK-mambot would allow one more useful configuration option to be changed from within the administrative interface in Joomla, the “CustomConfigurationsPath”; so that physical editing of FCKEditor-files isn’t required.

Anyway, to allow FCK to process entities but to leave latin entities alone, I changed the configuration setting “FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities” to FALSE. I’ve been searching all kinds of resources in an attempt to find a good reference of what all these options do, but it seems like one needs to check the source a bit closer to get a better idea of how it works.

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