Bird flu handled by being “cost effective”

Research from BirdLife International now shows that much of the “bird flu” is being passed on by humans bringing contraband across borders; very little of the current spread of the flu follow natural travel paths used by birds. Instead, there’s a “thin red line” along railroads, etc.

At Arlanda, Sweden’s main airport, there’s 1.25 people (!) working as the veterinarian on call; checking contraband and such for possible contamination. Some journalist was investigating claims that the Department of Agriculture was contemplating cutting back on the staff. When they called the department, they got hold of some &!%#)!/#!)# bonehead (Karin Åhl) saying that they were “of course not going to cut back”, they were “merely looking into making things more effective”.

Let’s see.. we’ll get the bird flu into the country, have to slaughter nine zillion birds at a cost of twelve quadrupiljon dollars; or, we can at least try to prevent it for as long as possible and hire two or three more veterinarians to staff the airport customs.

Why are there so many infantile twits in the world holding key positions in society?!?! In the words of Denis Leary, “I can’t believe I have to get angry about this shit!”.

Why can’t they just do their job?!?!?! 🙁

Having just read that the WHO has a stock of about 120 000 shots of anti-viral “stuff”, does not make me sleep any better. Where’s the Bushmill’s.. 😉

More: Swedish research shows many bird flu cases missed [the Local]

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