Mediterranean Veggie Sanwich

“Sliced cucumber, tomotoes, provolone cheese, shredded lettuce, dilled hummus spread and an olive tapenade served on a focaccia style bread.” — well, that’s what the menu at Hard Rock Café of Stockholm says anyway. Meanwhile, back on planet earth, the sandwich (note the d) comes served as toasted or butter-fried bread with some vegetables. There’s nothing mediterranean about it. And considering the price of a “toast with some vegetables on it”, it sounds more like a Swedish sandwich actually.

Before you start whining, I wanted to order something I hadn’t had before at the HRC; and something without the word “fried” or “fries” in the description. So I settled for this. It won’t ever happen again 🙂

Also, you’d think that the HRC – with their overpriced food – could afford to hire someone who actually knows how to spell, to do their local website. I mean, how hard could it be? All that needs to be done is to copy the contents from this site to the Swedish site.

Or, to quote their website: “Sometimes you just want everything to be perfect.”

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