Crossing the Alter Bridge

This should have been my fourth or fifth audible surprise of 2005; but I wasn’t paying enough attention the first two times I listened to the album. So instead, “One day remains” will have to count as the first musical surprise of 2006.

I belong to those people who happen to enjoy Scott Stapp’s vocals and Creed as a band. For one thing, they managed to accomplish three albums without destroying their original sound, unlike Pearl Jam (to which Alter Bridge has been compared). (I mean, let’s face it, the people mixing the PJ albums after Ten and Vs must have been dropping some serious acid while doing the final pre-press check — how can you drown Eddie Vedder’s vocals with the grind of the guitars?!)

When I heard “Creed have re-formed with a new singer”, I was a little sceptical at first. That was before I heard Myles Kennedy sing on the “One day remains” album by Alter Bridge. This album really rocks! A number of tracks have serious feel-good vibes, including “Open your eyes” but in particular “Down to my last”. If you like “rock”, and you liked Creed but wanted more; this will keep you going 🙂

You’ll find Alter Bridge on Noteworthy is that Scott Stapp, who you can find on, also has an album out 😉

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