The HP6220 in Sweden

So HP is rolling out a new fleet of notebooks.

Wonderful.. or?

I’ve gotten used to, and quite fond of, the HP NC6000 notebook. It’s a “just enough”-type product with almost everything you need, except a fast harddisk and a Firewire connection. I’ve mostly been using the 1.8-512-60 model.

Set to replace the NC6000 is the new NC6220 (there’s also a more budget-like 6120 and a 6230). The specs look OK; there’s still no firewire in any of the models I’ve seen – but perhaps I haven’t been looking hard enough.
One of the most important things (apart from speed, battery life, and the keyboard) in a notebook is in my opinion the display. Notebooks of old truly suck in this department (there are, of course, exceptions), but for a generation or two, things have been looking much better.

So it was astonishing to me when I learned that HP in Sweden have opted against distributing the NC6220 with the 1400×1050 XSGA+ display and instead settled for only distributing the 1024×768 edition. I’d like to hear the genious who decided this to articulate the reason why!

Sour grapes? No, not really. I’ve been using two models of the NC6000, and the one equipped with the 1400×1050 is delightful! The display is clean and crisp, and gives me a few extra pixels.

Get with the program HP! We don’t need more budget notebooks; you and everybody else are soaking the market with them. We need some more “professional”-type products.

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