Is phpWebsite yet another content management system that doesn’t quite reach the level of useful software? This particular user doesn’t think so.

phpWebsite is yet another content management system, or aims to be. At a first glance, it’s very much the same stuff as seen in countless of packages available on the net; modules, blocks, articles, documents, files, images, and so on. Despite the fact that there’s nothing revolutionary about phpWebsite, it does most things very well.

The administrative interface and functionality is, in most cases, simple and straight forward. It could use some work in the area of content flow control, specially for environments with the need for a flexible application and/or functionality.

With that said, phpWebsite is a fairly simple yet compentent piece of software with great potential. If this basic description meets your needs, I’d recommend a quick peek and trial run.

You’ll find phpWebsite here.

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