Stop wasting my time

“Stop wasting my time”

we met a lifetime ago
we made love till the sun went up
we beat the odds, not once, not twice, but three times cold

i look at you, and i know i’m home
when you see me, i know i’m here

why are you so afraid
why is it so ugly
why can’t you come out
who do you think you’re fooling

i know who you are
i know what you look like, beneath your mask and without your clothes

why can’t you touch me, let me feel your warmth
why won’t you let me love you

stop wasting my time
if you don’t want me, if you won’t let me have all of you, just let me go

you’re wasting my time with you
you’re wasting my time with you
it’s short enough as it is


You and I used to laugh together

“You and i used to laugh together”

you and i used to laugh together
and i guessed we cried some too
but now it seems i can’t find you, no matter where i look

i must’ve done you wrong, though i don’t know how
i don’t know when i lost you, don’t know how or why
but when i turned a corner, you were no longer with me

i loved to feel your skin, loved to feel your touch
i loved to watch you naked, knowing you were mine

now i’m feeling cold
don’t know what to do without you
now i’m feeling much too old
i guess i’ll keep turning corners, hoping the next one is yours