It’s not a new world today, tomorrow, nor any other day

People are outraged at the outcome of the US Presidential Election 2016, but I’m not quite sure why. Politicians are throwing themselves at the mercy of the Political Correctness lobby and looking for ways to emigrate to some other nation.

I get the fact that you may not like the outcome of a given election, but there mere fact that you are taking part of an election, in a place where one can hope the outcome isn’t rigged, means that you are part of a democracy, even if you think it’s democrazy.

I’m not for a specific candidate of the two offered, but it seems many people have voted for one candidate with the only merit in mind that they dislike the other. The two candidates played their game as best they could, and one of them won.

Trump could never win the election by playing the political game. He’s not a politician. So he shifted the focus to other issues. This is a reasonable tactic in any conflict situation. If you can’t beat your opponent at their game, change the game. Trump made the election be about something completely different than the issues Clinton wanted to raise awareness about. We have seen this in other countries and other elections, and we will continue to see this until “the politicians” get wise and figure out a strategy to highlight the issues they can actually do something about, and possibly win an election with.

Trump is also a very easy media target because of the outbursts. So media attacks him, once again shifting focus from political issues. I’m guessing you can say they took the bait, hook, line, and sinker; and I don’t understand how you on one hand can claim to be a proper journalist, and on the other hand fall for something as obvious as this. It’s called misdirection, smoke and mirrors, or just simply marketing. Cheap tactics, cheap points, and a destructive game? Absolutely. Effective? Very. Mainly thanks to media.

It’s been done before, and it’ll happen again.

Just my two cents, and I’m sure there are about a billion or more other people with different cents, and that’s OK too.

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