Free CakePHP E-Book – Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips

There are a few books out for CakePHP development. The main problem with them is that they’re fairly old. There’s also a book on the way (2010) that has not yet been released. And then there’s Matt Curry’s completely free CakePHP book for those that have managed to grasp the basics of CakePHP and want a guide to somewhat more advanced topics.

One can only congratulate Matt on a great idea and implementation; and what’s not to like about a free book about CakePHP development?

An introduction to the book here:
Matt Curry’s original blog post about it here:
The book’s direct download link is here:

More about CakePHP can of course be found on

Matt has also released a number of CakePHP plugins and code snippets here

Thanks Matt!

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