The best mini-keyboard ever: Logitech Dinovo Mini Bluetooth

Being sick and tired of so-called media keyboard, wireless solutions, and other silly inventions for my media computer, I was reluctant to try another solution. After having spent a few months with the Logitech Dinovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combination, I’m glad I did. This has to be the coolest keyboard/mouse solution for a media computer, ever.

It’s about as big as a handheld computer and has basically everything. It measures 152 mm x 90 mm x 27.5 mm (lid closed). With a small USB-dongle connected to the computer, it communicates using bluetooth. It has a smart flip-open cover that protects the keyboard while not in use. When you open the cover, the keyboard is ready to go. It automatically goes to sleep if you don’t use it for a while. At the first keypress, it wakes up again (and it actually transmits that first keypress to the computer as well). It sports a rechargeable battery.

It works with Windows and Linux type operating systems, and there’s a Mac model as well. According to the manufacturer, it’s compatible with the Playstation 3 hardware too. It has a special button for Windows Media Center.

It features a ClickPad, which is basically its way of doing mouse input. You can switch the ClickPad to keyboard-mode, which makes it act as the “arrow” or “cursor” keys on a regular keyboard. Any keyboard and/or mouse combination I have been able to think of, I’ve found a way to input using the Dinovo mini keyboard. Some keys took a bit getting used to (like Fn + Tab to get Esc), but all is forgiven considering the physical dimensions of this gadget.

Cons? Well.. nothing really. Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side; but considering I can now place the keyboard underneath my flatscreen Samsung TV, and having it “disappear” (because it does blend well), it’s well worth it. If you need a multimedia keyboard/mouse solution for your media computer, get this.

Link: Logitech Dinovo Mini Keyboard
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