Getting Wii fit

After having been a bit sceptical about the Wii Fit, I decided to get one for the family. I don’t regret it.

The idea is really simple, and probably doesn’t carry much “scientific weight” when it comes to many of the “exercises”, but it is fun. And having “contestants” in the ages 4.5 to 47, I have to say that Nintendo have managed to create something that works for most. As far as the Wii Fit being considered yet another geeky accessory for a geeky video game may have some validity, but I’m not sure who’s the geek; the fitness psycho who lives at the “Fitness Club” or the gaming geek who thinks he can stay fit from the living room floor 🙂

A lot of exercises with the Wii Fit are about balance, something that requires practice and some amount of skill. Whether or not the Wii and/or Wii Fit is sufficiently accurate in this regard, is something I’ll leave to the “experts” to argue about.

Think of the Wii Fit as a fun accessory for a fun video game, if you like Nintendo that is. If you don’t, well.. don’t think of the Wii Fit at all 🙂

The words “Family Fun” are very applicable in the Wii Fit context.

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