Games consoles ‘not green enough’

Greenpeace doesn’t leave much to chance. This time, they’ve disected several video consoles. Nintendo is ranked at the bottom of Greenpeace’s global assessment of “green” technology companies. Both Microsoft (XBOX) and Sony (PS3) also use questionable materials in their products; circumventing many regulations for toys, claiming that video game consoles aren’t toys.

I can’t really claim to be surprised. If there’s no consumer demand for “environmentally friendly” (yeah right..) products in a given market, the manufacturers won’t produce them. So once again: consumer power rules, regardless of the product.

The BBC article goes on and says that if Sony can make a “better” computer (its Vaio Laptop range), why can’t they accomplish the same thing in their video game console? The answer is simple: It’s not fashionable (yet). While IT departments and companies all over the world take “pride” in claiming “green IT equipment” being used throughout their domains, consumers are yet to voice the same opinions about video game consoles.

That isn’t to say that I’m not for video game consoles (or any product for tha matter) that lessen the impact on the environmet.

Read the BBC news article here.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking forward for the next Wii, with a “Greenpeace” stamp.

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