A refreshing take on Pong

It has to be said up front, Pong isn’t very exciting; regardless of how to angle it. It was the first video game I had, and it was a single unit dedicated to one-player or two-player pong. Since then, the game has been cloned, copied, and improved upon for a countless number of platforms. Mobile phones, java, flash, Windows, Linux, Mac.. you name it. They all have their own version of this game. Breakout owes its roots to Pong too.

Pong is hardly something a company would produce and release to a commercial platform like the Nintendo DS. The NDS has far more sophisticated games available for it, as well as a fairly functional “homebrew” market (although it’d be nice with many more releases). That said, PYIN-PYANG, the NDS homebrew by Christophe Andreani is an interesting variant of Pong. The big difference is movement backward and forward, and not just up and down.

You’ll need a product like the CycloDS Evolution to play the NDS version of PYIN-PYANG, since Nintendo doesn’t allow the use of homebrew NDS applications out of the box, but there’s a PC-emulator version available too.

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