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I had an idea, one of many useless ideas I’m sure, but nevertheless an idea. To test my idea I need to find a good Javascript-only (AJAX is OK, but pure client-side Javascript or ECMASCRIPT is a requirement) terminal emulator. This turned out to be just a little bit harder than I expected.

I found found a zillion links (possibly more, the counts aren’t in yet) on Google and other search engines; I found a ton of half-way solutions that were client and server based, and I found, of course, the “standard” Java terminal/console window applets. But I did not find very many pure client-side terminal emulators. Anyterm seems nice, but it requires server-side support in the form of some Apache mods, which I would like to avoid if at all possible. There is a stand-alone daemon (experimental) for Anyterm, but again, I want client-side only.

I need one that isn’t restricted in any way as far as usage goes. The “prettiest” one by far thus far in the hunt is the stuf presented at, but it has restrictions on usage that I’m not entirely sure I qualify for.

I also found JSterm, which might be a step in the right direction. Perhaps studying the code, I could make the necessary modifications myself. Then there’s AjaxTerm, but it’s Python, not Javascript.


Ho ho.. another night of past 01:00, time to hit the sack before I diminish by sorely needed beauty sleep even more 🙂

Update 2006-10-07 @ 21:24

WebTTY may also be of some interest, you can find it here.

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  1. I made a “bare bones” terminal emulator which I think meets your requirements – was looking for a simple backbone to teach kids programming concepts. It works in IE/Firefox/Chrome perfectly, it also works in Opera except the return key won’t function to enter a line (tab works fine). The entire source code:

    <br /> Terminal<br />



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