Dell is getting Dull

Have you ever purchased something from Dell? If you haven’t, don’t.. unless you’re in constant need of recycled advertising material. Seriously.. I’ve made the “mistake” of buying three Dell products in my life, and I was apparently assigned as the contact person for a fourth. I now get four separate installments of all the shit that Dell sends out (I’m not sure it’d be good even for toilet use), and I have no idea how to opt out. What’s worse is that I never asked for this to begin with. This was a courtesy gesture from Dell, as a special thank you note for spending my money on their products. And the clever boys and girls at Dell send two installments to my company’s delivery address, where there’s no mailbox. So the mailman just drops the stuff on the floor, assuming whoever lives on the address will come by and sweep the floor for advertisement. What?!

Yaaay, Yaaay, and Hooray!

For the billionth time, I have now logged an issue with the customer service department. Getting a ticket id of #20060922123817140, I expect I’ll be getting noticed somewhere between being buried in advertisement and actually receiving a new Dell laptop for my 80th birthday.

Here’s a suggestion for Dell: To all order forms, printed or web based, add a big box with “[ ] YES, I WANT DELL TO CUT DOWN FOUR THOUSAND TREES IN MY NAME AND CONVERT IT TO USELESS PRODUCT FLYERS THAT ARE OUTDATED BY THE TIME THEY REACH MY MAILBOX”. My guess is they won’t be getting many X:s on them.

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