Doing 250 km/h .. ouch!

Well, it’s been too long, but now I’m finally here again. Not that anybody may notice my absence besides myself. Anyway, it’s the 15th and I’ve logged some 158 working hours thus far. Something is obviously wrong with this picture, but at the moment, there isn’t much I can do about it. Late nights and early mornings has been the motto; thank goodness for wireless networking, comfortable sofas, and laptops. I don’t mind the nights so much when I can keep up with other activities like my family, Aikido, being a football (soccer) coach for Alexander’s team and what not, but when work starts to nibble on weekend time, I get annoyed.

This weekend, Göran is coming up from Copenhagen for a weekend visit. Alexander, Göran, and myself will be going on a little road trip to Blidö. With a bit of luck and some good weather, we’ll be spending time on the water in the boat. It’ll be a nice break from the past two weeks of work-work-work-work-work-sleep-work-work-work.

Other things on the agenda has been to maintain and update, a site dedicated to listing Swedish RSS feeds, and, an outlet for my irritation with many food manufacturers and people’s lack of insight when it comes to keeping crap food (or “junkfood”) at arm’s length. A cool thing with is that I finally got to play with yet another piece of CMS software called Dynamo, developed and marketed by a Swedish company called Webcore. It’s a very straightforward piece of software with little “flash bang”, but with a lot of speed and well thought out workflow paths.

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