Say hello to the Samsung Digimax L85

My first camera was a piece of junk instamatic 110 of some sort; given to me by my mother. This was eons (32 or so) ago, and although it took horrible pictures, they were probably a lot better than I deserved at the time. After that, I progressed to some other more-or-less-useless piece of equipment from Kodak. I lost interest in photography for a long time, until one day when I saw an Olympus IS-3000 camera. It was gorgeous and given great reviews. So I figured I’d take up photography again. This was over ten years ago. I have since progressed and moved past a Nikon F80, a Canon Ixus 400, and a Canon 10D to my current kit which is a Canon 20D. Once I got started with the 10D, I realized it’d be cool to have a compact but competent camera like the Ixus 400. So I looked for quite some time before I found the Canon PowerShot Pro1. The only problem with it is that while being extremely competent, it’s not so compact 🙂 So once again I was facing “having” to browse around for something more modern than the Ixus 400, while staying at or around the same physical dimensions. I thought about the Ixus 800is long enough to notice the Samsung Digimax L85.

Having been fairly impressed with digital camera products from Canon over the past few years, it felt like a leap of faith even considering the L85. I mean, come on.. Samsung? What do they know about cameras? (I said the same thing when LG started putting out LCD:s severals years ago.) Anyway, I decided to take that leap and ordered a package on offer, which included a cradle for charging and easy transfers.

So, on with the show, how was it?

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Sony Ericsson P990i – First impressions

Having been delayed time and time again, it was with some anticipation I read the “Your order is on its way”-message from our local hardware supplier (Dustin). My Sony Ericsson P900 smart phone was deteriorating beyond usefulness, having been dropped on the floor a few too many times. So I’ve now spent some 6-7 hours getting the new Sony Ericsson P990i smart phone configured and ready-to-go.

There are very few things not to like about this telephone. It’s lighter (most likely due to a more lightweight battery) than its predecessors and has a lesser feeling of brick-in-pocket. But being a “business user” of the P900, which is the type of user Sony Ericsson wants to target their P-series to, I found some serious issues when it came to migrating data from one Sony Ericsson P-series smart phone to another. I cannot for the life of me understand what the software developers at Sony Ericsson and/or Symbian are doing. Had it not been too foulmouthed to write here, I’d ask myself what on earth these sh*t for brain programmers and developers are thinking of.

Migrating data turned out to be a real headache. You see, the software that accompany these “professional smart phones” cannot handle import/export from one model to another. Say what? Why can I not backup my P900 and then restore suitable parts to the P990i? Sony Ericsson wants the P-series to “grow in capacity and flexibility with users’ ever growing demands and needs”, so supply me, the user with adequate tools to do just that!

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