Winter Olympics delayed by snow

Having watched the Swedish Ice Hockey ladies advance to the finals after a 4-2 victory against the US, I was thinking about the irony of some of the other events of today’s competitions.

The women’s combination downhill race was cancelled due to severe weather (that means “wind” and “snow” for downhill skiiers). I suppose I should say “postponed”, since they intend to have a go at it tomorrow.

The boardercross event(s) were having problems due to too much fresh snow; there was no speed whatsoever. Watching the skiiers (or is it “boarders”) almost have to break out a paddle to go uphill makes one think that perhaps they should have been able to construct a track covered or protected from snow? How many millions did these games cost?

Speaking of “boardercross” or “snowboard cross”, by far the coolest addition to the Winter Olympics (and one that makes sense, compared to things like “halfpipe”). One wonders what kind of mind it takes to invent a competition that looks to be the mix of velodrome bike racing and snow board racing. Regardless, it’s quite fun to watch.

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