Skype sucks big hairy Penguins

Skype rocks! It really does. And regardless of it not being “open source” and a “community solution” and what not, it works – most of the time. At the same time, Skype sucks big hairy penguins; under Linux that is. The Linux version of Skype feels like the early Windows 3.x programs in comparison to its Windows counterpart.

One would assume these guys, who have done most things right, would have a semi-common code base or something along those lines. But if that was the case, surely the releases for the various platforms would more closely match each other than is currently the case?

Where’s the &!%$)?@ week number?!

Although most people (using computers) will never pay for Windows XP as a separate product (either because they don’t pay for it at all, or because it comes pre-installed on their beloved PC), many are aware of the fact that it costs money, and that it’s a half-decent operating system (although full of security holes).

This operating system can do many thing, ranging from advanced disk and memory management to automated blue screen of dumps and multi-tasking.

But it cannot show me the bloody week number in the calendar. I can get an add-on that will do it, probably a free one, but I cannot get Windows XP to do it. Nor can I, as a user, decide which information (such as the date) I want to see in the “time” field on the taskbar.

How hard can it be!? Aaaaargh!

Where in the world is Rod Jackson?

After having been included in the Slash’s Snakepit line-up for the Ain’t Life Grand album, Rod seems to have disappeared. Has anybody seen him or heard of him, maybe in another band? I went to see Slash’s Snakepit when they came to Stockholm, and Rod was playing (singing) with them back then.. this dude rocks on stage!

I’d say Rod gives the lead singer of Velvet Revoler, Scott Weiland, a run for his money — I’m actually a bit surprised we didn’t see Rod in Velvet Revolver. That said, Scott is as good of a match as anybody in the current line-up of VR. OTOH, something could have happened to Rod that I’m not aware of 🙂

Slash’s Snakepit: |
Velvet Revolver: |

Rock on!

Who’s playground?

By far the best music ever to come out of Billy Idol? Absolutely, if you ask me (one could, however, argue that nobody will ask me). Billy’s previous work like Vital Idol doesn’t come close to this production. The lyrics are better. The music is better. Billy is better. Charmed Life was good, Devil’s Playground is excellent!

He’s been gone (in more ways than one) for far too long. It’s nice to see (and hear) him back where he belongs. And it’s great to hear that he hasn’t been going in the direction most wanna-be musicians go after a tour of absence (i.e. “shitty”).

The downside? If you only like Billy when he’s doing “Rebel Yell”, this album is definitely not for you. | | sleazegrinder |