Oh look, I found my BBS

Having been involved in the world of computer networking for quite some time, it always strikes me as rather amazing when I find “old material” floating around the Internet. I found this a few minutes ago, while looking for something completely different.

It’s some sort of historical listing over bulletin board systems (BBS) in the Stockholm region; for those of you who don’t know what a BBS is (or was), go to Google and find out 🙂

Future Hacker Central
Stockholm (1986)
SYSOP Joaquim Homrighausen

Oh look, there’s my brother too:

Rumble Fish, The Not South HUB, Walkman’s Corner
Stockholm Sweden (1987-1990)
SYSOP Christian HomrighausenThis is what the header said:

Historical List of BBSes in the Area Code
Created by TEXTFILES.COM From Many Sources

The full list was found on this URL.

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