Limiting the number of revisions in WordPress

Tired of nine zillion revisions of your posts created on your WordPress site?

Open up wp-config.php with a nice editor like Emacs or Pico/Nano or VI and add:

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false );

to disable post revisions completely.

Or, if you just want to limit the number of revisions WordPress keeps:

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3);


Of course, this is just a simple Google query away from you:

Or, as it happens:

How to improve Facebook-security with a few clicks

Many social platforms have been accused of a lax approach to security. They either make it very hard for their users to enable simple security measures (why?), or they simply don’t have any enhanced levels of security (why?). Facebook does have some of these features available, and they’re not that hard to enable. Go to Account settings > Security and check them out. It’ll take you three minutes, tops, to enable some basic security features.

Of course, if you leave your Mobile Phone unprotected, or are using a phone from a manufacturer that doesn’t allow application PIN-code protection, your Facebook App in your Mobile Phone will be your weakest link. If you’re using an Android device, the awesome Perfect AppLock app will let you protect your Facebook App, and anything else you want protected with a PIN-code or unlock pattern; including Gallery, Camera, Address Book, etc.

jQueryMobile or “Mobile site” selection sets

Using jQueryMobile for a fairly lightweight “mobile site”, I wonder what all you experts say about selection sets. A (long) list of countries for example. To prevent excessive delays, I now split country selection in two screens. The first one shows A-Ö (A-Z for you English-speaking people), if I tap on B, the next screen shows a list of countries starting with B. Hitting the back button brings me back to A-Ö (A-Z), selecting a country takes me to.

It feels right, and it doesn’t transfer massive amounts of data that a) isn’t used half of the time, and b) doesn’t take time to render on slower mobile devices.

I’m not too concerned with database performance on the server for this particular selection set since the SQL query is static and resides in the cache 99.5% of the time.

Renskav & Viltskav i lyxform

Recept för Lyxskav (renskav och viltskav blandat) med mycket morötter, lök och vitlök. Två sorters senap (en lite sötare och grovkorning, samt Dijonsenap) och Kikkoman soja. Mycket matlagningsgrädde. Grovmalen svartpeppar, finmalen vitpeppar och örtsalt. Broccoli på sidan och iskall Corona. Fungerar bra alla dagar i veckan. Tar 20 minuter att tillreda.

An Apple event is NOT important on the big scale of things, get your head straight!

Hundreds of millions of people in the world have no access to clean and safe water, medicine, education, proper food, clothing and the freedom of choice; just as many people are holding their breath over the release announcement of one or more Apple products. They’re not the same people. One could argue they’re not even on the same planet.

An Apple event is NOT important on the big scale of things, get your head straight!


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