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Det är då en FÖRDJÄVLA VÄRDELÖS Försäkringskassa vi skall ha i det här landet. WTF!

Skickat till FK:

Den 13/12 begärde jag föräldrapenning för en period under julen. Idag, ca FYRTIOTRE dagar senare har jag fortfarande inte fått några pengar. Idag loggar jag in och ser att det skall betalas ut den 27/1.

Jag frågar mig då.. om ni vill att man skall ta ut sin föräldrarpenning och vara med sina barn, tror ni inte det hjälper om ni betalar ut den i tid då? Min arbetsgivare drar från min lön för frånvaro.. ni kanske känner till hur det fungerar på en arbetsplats?

Skall jag låna pengar.. av banken? Betalar ni räntan då? När hyresvärden vill ha pengar, är det OK om jag ber dem ringa er då?

Ni kan slösa bort hundratals miljoner på att köpa system som inte fungerar, anlita IT-konsulter som inte kan hitta tangentbordet om man så klistrar fast det i handen på dem, men det här med att betala ut föräldrapenning, det är tydligen en väldigt krånglig och komplicerad procedur som det varken finns resurser eller möjlighet att göra på ett vettigt sätt.

VARENDA GÅNG man skall ta ut föräldrapenning, så blir det någon form av strul eller fördröjning. Hur svårt kan det vara?



Netgear WNDR3700 (V1/V2) and WNDR37AV are not reliable wireless gigabit routers

The Netgear WNDR3700 family of products is not reliable. It currently exists in three flavors; WNDR3700v1, WNDR3700v2, and WNDR37AV. It’s basically the same product. By the time you read this, Netgear may have come up with some other fancy name for it — but it’s still the same product. You cannot say Netgear isn’t consistent at least; they have managed to bring out three different products (by their own standards), that all fail.

This is a SOHO Gigabit Router Firewall Gateway WLAN type gizmo.. you can even attach an USB storage to it and share it among your users.

The configuration and set-up is fairly simple; you’ll be up and running in less than five minutes. Add some MAC filtering for your WLAN clients (because you always do this, right?), and Bob’s your uncle. It will stream video on the WLAN with decent performance to most types of clients (multimedia boxes, laptops, smartphones, and so on). The user interface in the administration screens is OK. Firmware upgrades are also simple to apply. Those that are released from Netgear.

This product family has a serious load of issues that have not yet been resolved. I recommend that you head on over to the Netgear user/community forums and read anything you can find on “3700” there. Some issues are minor, some may not affect you, but they are there. And there are alternatives to this product. Netgear, however, seems to think they’re the only ones putting out a product like it.

If you, like me, need stable TCP/IP sessions (“Pidgin”, “IRC”, “SSH”, etc), then you’re in for a surprise. This is 2010/2011, and Netgear has managed to bring out a product in this segment that drops TCP/IP sessions cold. Yes, that’s right, it will terminate your ongoing terminal sessions, kick you out of IRC channels, and a lot of other “minor” issues.

Given that Netgear actually has put out quality products in the past, one can only wonder if they have a fair mix of developers and engineers at hand. One team that can’t find an RJ45 plug with both their hands if their life depended on it, and another team that really knows what they’re doing. Hey, Netgear, here’s an idea: Get these guys to talk to each other. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually manage to release a decent firmware before your brand reputation is gone.

Review in one word: FAIL

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