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So I guess there’s something going on here after all: I guess, in some ways, it’s related to this post: FrontDoor announcement in FidoNews … Read more

Retro IT

Nokia 3110

A lovely “brick” from Nokia. Not too heavy, but fairly big and bulky. It still works! Surprisingly, today’s smartphones are approaching the weight and bulk … Read more

Retro IT

Commodore 64 (VIC-64)

One of the many reasons Commodore 64 (C64/C=64/CBM-64/VIC-64) became the most sold personal computer model of all time was not due to its fantastic programming … Read more

Retro IT

NiKom BBS for the Amiga

“Nikom is a BBS-program that uses modems (or telnet together with the appropriate software, such as telnet.device) to allow “boards” or “meeting rooms” where people … Read more

Retro IT

RemoteAccess BBS

RemoteAccess BBS-software and its last official website. RemoteAccess, or RA, as it was also called, was created by Andrew Milner and Phil Mackay in 1989. … Read more

Retro IT

HP Surestore DLT1

A doorstop that was launched in November 2000 by HP. You could squeeze in a massive 80GB on one DLT1 tape at a rocketing speed … Read more

Retro IT

Casio SF-8350 Digital Diary

The Casio SF-8350 Digital Diary is an “all-in-one” gadget from 1993. A whopping 64 Kb of RAM and double batteries (so that one could be … Read more