Serendipity 1.0 is in the house!

In case you haven’t noticed, the much awaited release of the Serendipity blog software has arrived. Well, it isn’t the first release of course, but with “release”, I mean a proper version; in this case 1.0. New templates, new functionality and many other improvements. Go check it out for yourself at

Serendipity Blog Software Update!

So Serendipity (or S9Y) was bumped to version 0.9, and of course I had to upgrade 🙂

S9Y is fairly straightforward, with a decent set of features.
The number of themes isn’t staggering, nor is the diversity of them, but it’ll suffice 🙂

Read the 0.9 release announcement here. Grab a copy of S9Y 0.9 here.

Kudos to the S9Y-team, as usual!

Dagens Ord (The Daily Word)

I’ve been wanting to get into a routine of looking up a word per day; just to learn the meaning of a new word, or to confirm what I think I know about a word. So I figured maybe someone else might want to do that too (or not ;))

Anyway, I’ll start with words in Swedish, you’ll find them here, in case you’re interested.

New Gallery

Since I figured I’d set-up something in the way of a photo album for the family too, I was facing the choice of either maintaining two photo albums, or moving my own album into the family album. I decided to do the latter 🙂

So the album is now available on

Who knows, I might even start putting pictures from 2005 in the album one of these days 🙂

Time to sleep!

Oops, I did it again

Well, I guess I just can’t sit still

Oh well; at least I get to see plenty of stuff and widen my horizons a bit! This time, we’re testing a package called Serendipity. I hope to get the hang of it sometime by the end of the next century. It is likely, if Serendipity does what I want, that the phpWebsite website previously found here will be moved to

Who dares wins!

Link to Serendipity: