Sony Ericsson P1i – first impressions

Having used the Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone for some time, it was with some anticipation I opened the box to the new Sony Ericsson P1i. The P1i is, or appears to be, a M600i with “smart phone add-ons”. For those having used the P-series (P8xx, P9xx), the P1i makes for a welcome change in its much slimmer appearance and handling.

One of the most irritating things with the previous P-series is that Sony Ericsson insisted on enabling “animation effects” in the operating system; sliding selectors, fade-in, fade-out, icon effects, and so on. Later versions of the P9xx firmware allowed for an option to disable this. Why anybody who has half a finger in the right place would want these stupid effect in a telephone is way beyond my comprehension. To make a long story short, the P1i comes equipped with an option to disable the fireworks.

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End of vacation – boohoo!

Four weeks of pure bliss have come to an end. Barbecues and good beer, swimming in the Baltic, going for boat rides, and of course, a lot of carpentry. It’s amazing how fast four weeks can pass when you’re having fun. Good weather, and peaceful surroundings (Alexander and Filip not included in the word “peaceful” :-), made for a good re-load. And work only interrupted the state of utopia a few times, surprisingly few times actually.

The new guest house is almost finished. It turned into a family project, where carrying several metric tons of boards, and other construction materials, made for a heavy start. Alexander even managed to help me with some of the painting. Of course, Alexander and Filip are under the impression that I’m building a huge playhouse for them!

Go check out the rest of the pictures (progress thus far): here.