Photoshop not up to scratch

I just ran into something I’ve never seen in Adobe’s Photoshop CS before:

“The image exceeds the size Save for Web was designed for. You may experience out of memory errors and slow performance. Are you sure you want to continue.”

The image file is some 6.25MB, RAW format, 3502×2336. I chose to “Save for Web”. What’s big about that? Shouldn’t the “world’s leading” PHOTO APPLICATION handle this? Oh.. wait.. I get it; maybe that’s why they needed to buy Macromedia?

Needless to say, the much less expensive Paintshop Pro 9 handles the image without any problems whatsoever.
Gee, that makes me feel so much better; why do I even *need* two applications.. ?

SuSE Linux 9.3

So the delivery guy dropped off the SuSE 9.3 shipment an hour ago, and now the first machine has been upgraded from SuSE 9.2 to SuSE 9.3. How smooth did the upgrade go? Well, apart from 30 or so packages that needed manual attention, everything went very well. I can’t really describe any troubles, because I didn’t have any!

It’s beginning to show that SuSE is a mainstream (Linux) distribution with some serious money behind it. Small steps towards an integrated desktop environment that works without the need for hands-on by a computer professional. Oh my god, soon we’ll have “George the accountant” running Linux! 🙂

I managed to find myself an icon theme that looks good (for now, until I grow tired of it); called Dropline Etiquette, and a set of window decorations for MetaCity; called Sloth. You’ll find a link to the icon theme here, and to the Sloth window decorations for MetaCity here.

Keep on rockin’ Novell and all the people at SuSE!

(and on friday the 13th of January 2006, I installed SuSE Linux 10.0)

Way to go Jamie!

I just finished watching the final (?) episode of the Jamie Oliver “School Dinners” program series (the show is about providing better food for school children). Apart from things like being able to concentrate better throughout the whole school day, and being in a nicer mood, the children will also learn more, learn better, learn faster, grow better, be healthier.. hmm.. is there a downside at all to this? I can’t see any.

Yes, some of it is good PR for Jamie and his restaurant. But this is also a part of the game. One needs to keep a trademark valuable to be able to carry it to its full weight. All I can say is that I’m impressed with what Jamie (and all of the people behind him) has achieved.

To top it all off, the British Prime Minister has apparently promised some 280 million UK pounds; read more.


Innocence at its best

Here ends another week, to leave room for a new one.

It was, as usual, a busy week at work.

I managed to squeeze in the watching of two movies (Hide & Seek and Suspect Zero), both of which were a bit odd.

On Saturday, I went for a one-day Aikido seminar (well, the seminar was Fri-Sun, but I do have a family) at our Aikido Dojo. They’re always great!

Today (Sunday), Alexander and I went to get the car washed – and it struck me how cool it is to watch him while we’re sitting in the car and it being washed; lots of noise, lots of water and foam.. all you need to excite someone 🙂 It’s interesting to see how something “simple” can be entertaining. Specially in the age of instant communication, computer gaming, and what not.

To top off the weekend, I managed to upgrade the Blog from Serendipity 0.71 to 0.8 – yaay!

17 weeks and counting.

Oh.. and I finally dumped my last installation of Miranda in favor of Gaim.

Organ donations

Organ donor.. the word is weird and cold; but I suppose that’s because you look at it from the “alive and healthy” perspective. What if you looked at it from another angle? If you’re declared dead, what use do you have for your organs? Wouldn’t it be better to possibly prolong somebody else’s life?

If was in need of a new kidney or heart or other transplantable organ, I would expect to use this as a possible resource; so I guess I’ll have to do the same thing back.

For Swedes who wish to sign up for organ donation, follow this link: It takes three minutes to fill out the form!

Freya is now officially Freya

I went to a very different and very nice naming cermony for Freya today. It was set at Café Pladder near Gröndal in Stockholm. It was a small gathering of family and friends of Jon and Josefin, and of course Freya. If you’re in the neighborhood, I recommend a coffee break at Café Pladder.

The rest of the family was invited too, but Janet stayed home with a feverish Filip; and Alexander decided he wanted to stay with them rather than to go with me.. “them’s the breaks” 🙂

You’ll find Freya’s (and Jon’s and Josefin’s) blog here:

Antique that kicks ass

It’s a boring piece of equipment; this model is really antique too, with just a plain old cable that connects it to the computer. No bluetooth, no wimax, no 3G, no USB or firewire connection.. it’s just a plain old keyboard.

But it truly rocks! I’ve always claimed that my good old IBM keyboard, you know “clickety-clickety-clack”, is the best keyboard I’ve ever had. Keytronic has done a damn good job with their KT2001 PRO, and I have to admit that this keyboard is probably even better than my favorite IBM keyboard.

This will have to do as the surprise of the day; amazing that I can be pleased with an unsexy piece of equipment like a keyboard! 🙂