Egghead brainstorming

“Egghead brainstorming”

We think of an egg, merely as something to eat.
By itself, on rye, or on wheat.

But an egg can be made in so many ways.
There would be no repetition fo several days.

Some prefer the white, it being pure as snow.
Others like their bread completely soaked,
in that think we call yoke.

Regardless of which one you like the most,
I think it’s delicious on toast.


Thoughts of creative solidarity

“Thoughts of creative solidarity”

Imagine, for a second, what we could do if we stopped all the

If we could spend our resources towards our ultimate purpose;
the survival, rather than the annihilation, of our race.

Why can’t we seem to think further than the piece of skin in our
face we call nose?

You say we’ve come far; through famine, disease, natural
disasters, and man-made wars.
But I say it’s time we stop making excuses.
We’re not a toddler anymore, struggling to walk, barely able to talk.
History is our childhood.

You say strength is being able to defend your home, your family,
and your future.
Who do you think you’re kidding?
It would require but a fragment of the tools of destruction we’ve
created to wipe your genes from the face of the earth; yours and
many with you.

So, in closing, all I want to say to you is this:
Instead of concentrating on what you can gain, think of how you
can help others benefit from your actions.
And before you throw that rock, ask yourself how it would feel if it
struck one of your children.


Politically incorrect questioning of human nature

“Politically incorrect questioning of human nature”

How can we claim to be a truly intelligent spieces
when we keep repeating the mistakes of those who
died fighting?

We say that animals cannot help themselves; that
they cannot purposedly decide between right or
wrong – because “it’s in their nature”.

If that is so, then why do we spend so much time
looking towards the past, worshipping the dead,
and repeating their mistakes?

How many times do we have to kill the children of
our neighbour, and how many of our children must
die at the hands of our neighbour, before we stop
and think?




Mother, I miss you so.
Mother, why did you have to go?
Mother, can you tell me what I’m looking for?
Mother, I’m swimming, but I can’t seem to find a shore.

Mother, I love you so.
Mother, it’s so hard to let you go.
Mother, did I do something wrong?
Mother, why did you have to say “so long”?

Mother, can I help you now?
Mother, please tell me how.
Mother, when I think of you dying;
Mother, it feels like I’m crying.

Mother, I have no tears.
Mother, I have no fears.
Mother, maybe when I get some, they’ll all turn to tears.

Mother, I have to go now.
Mother I’ll get back to you somehow.




I have heard people say that you can’t predict the future.

There is no way you can prepare for tomorrow, the next hour,
the next minute, nor the next second.

I used to ignore these people and not care much about it;
I mean, who would want to predict the future?

And then, well.. something happened to me.


I still don’t want to be able to predict tomorrow; as long as
you’re here to see it with me.


(no title)

“(no title)”

It takes so little to blacken a heart;
It takes so much to make it shine;
At least when we’re talking about mine.



Dee Snider, one S.M.F.

I must have been fourteen or fifteen years old; barely aware of what the words hard rock meant. I can’t remember how I came to be there, but my brother undoubtedly had something to do with it. Anyway, it was the first time I saw Twisted Sister live.

Fifteen or so years later, I’m heading down to the H.R.C. where a certain Mr. Dee Snider is about to set foot (and like he said, give the words “Hard Rock” in “Hard Rock Cafe” some sort of valid meaning) on a stage that is definitely too small for an artist of his magnitude.

The place was p-a-c-k-e-d (as was to be expected, Twisted Sister made it big in Europe and Sweden).

Although this was not the actual TS line-up, Dee mentioned that the members of TS were finally talking again and had been discussing the possibility of a reunion tour (seems like everyone is having them these days, but hey, in this particular case, I’m not the one to complain!). From start to finish, Mr. Snider radiated more energy than I’ve ever seen done from a stage; and the sound was good.

If you weren’t there – and you like “rock music” – this was definitely your loss. True to his words, Dee once again showed that there’s only one way to rock: PLAY IT LOUD, MUTHA!


Under större delen av Jan/Feb/Mar 1998 har det funnits problem med snöröjningen i många delar av landet. Jag kan inte kommentera annat än det jag sett och upplevt själv; dvs. saknaden av kompetent snöröjning i Stockholmsregionen.

Att problemet överhuvudtaget existerar är mer eller mindre absurt. Bor vi i Sahara? Diverse uttalanden som “Vi blev tagna på sängen” och “Jag anser att snöröjningen avklarats över förväntan” ställer ovillkorligen frågan: Vad fan sysslar de ansvariga med? Bor Annika Billström under en bro där snö inte förekommer?

Och nu diskuterar man att låta Billström tillträda en annan “borgarrådsposition”; från inkompetent snöröjning och hantering av Stockholms parkeringssituation. Mmm.. vilken färg har inkompetens i det politiska landskapet? Hittar man tråden borde man kunna nysta tills man pensioneras.

Disneyland After Dark (D:A:D)!

Once again, it was time for the Danish dudes to introduce some of their Swedish fans to a heart-stopping show; for me, it was the first time seeing them live.

What can you say?!

What a show! “I’m naked but still stripping” was ringing in my ears when the show was over and it never ceases to amaze me what these guys do, and how they do it. They’re by no means alone in the world of Rock, but the total lack of “commercialization” in their presentations is a tribute to their dedication.

The only negative comment I have is that the people doing the sound should probably try pulling their fingers out of their ears (or wherever they’re keeping them). A MAX label on the amps does not mean appropriate, specially not in a small place.

All in all; D:A:D still rocks (like there was any doubt), and I hope they continue doing so for a long time to come. It’d be very interesting to see them in a larger venue (with more competent sound technicians).

Making fun of money!

Hela Norge lever – men EU-Sverige…

Svar till insändaren “Hela Norge lever – men EU-Sverige…” (Aftonbladet, 971223):

Det är precis den här typen av gnäll och total saknad av solidaritet som gör att Sverige har problem. Att flera människor väljer att gnälla och gaffla om EU hit och EU dit istället för att få ut fingret och göra någonting åt ett problem som har rötter i något betydligt äldre än EU.

Svenskar älskar att tycka synd om sig själva. Svenskar är bäst i världen på att hyckla och vara avundsjuka.

Att vi sedan accepterar våra politikers och myndigheters svineri och maktmissbruk, accepterar att det numera är fult att visa att man är stolt svensk (och jag talar inte om de sk. “nynazisterna”), och accepterar att vi har en regering som i majoritet består av ett parti som traditionellt skall stå på arbetarnas och de svagas sida; men gång på gång visar att man inte är värd dessa människors röster – gör verkligen inte saken bättre.

Sluta gnälla och visa istället ditt missnöje på ett sätt politiker förstår.

God Jul