Hokan, the globetrotter

Hokan’s words:

Well, one has NOT celebrated new year unless one has done it in Luxembourg with the Homrighausen gang. WOW. Is that partying or WHAT. Luxmebourg was also very good on the 25th of September as Joaquim Homrighausen tends to celebrate his birthday.

Well, I have to admit to Hokan that we did some damage.. 🙂

If you’re curious to find out more about Hokan, or some of our parties, here are some links to start:

New Year’s Eve with Silja Line 1994/1995
One of many birthday parties

Oh look, I found my BBS

Having been involved in the world of computer networking for quite some time, it always strikes me as rather amazing when I find “old material” floating around the Internet. I found this a few minutes ago, while looking for something completely different.

It’s some sort of historical listing over bulletin board systems (BBS) in the Stockholm region; for those of you who don’t know what a BBS is (or was), go to Google and find out 🙂

Future Hacker Central
Stockholm (1986)
SYSOP Joaquim Homrighausen

Oh look, there’s my brother too:

Rumble Fish, The Not South HUB, Walkman’s Corner
Stockholm Sweden (1987-1990)
SYSOP Christian Homrighausen


Axl aka Pinero of Lucifer’s Delight

Axl, RIP, was born in July of 1991. He was my closest friend when I went through a rough patch in my life. Axl passed away in the fall of 2003. His “real” name was “Pinero of Lucifer’s Delight”. His more common name comes from a rock star who needs little in the way of introduction.

Axl has his own photoalbum at homrighausen.com; click here.

Karlsson on the roof

I took Alexander to see the play of “Karlsson-on-the-roof” (“Karlsson på taket”) by Astrid Lindgren with Markoolio starring as Karlsson. What can I say.. the man was born to play this role. The role calls for something of a monkey-on-acid approach to acting, and Markoolio pulls it off.

Children from ages three to nine were there with their parents, and I think most of them had their eyes nailed to the stage throughout the whole play.

Nice, wonderful, well worth the cash; and a good break from the input of digital media.

Some links:
About Astrid Lindgren (in English)
About Astrid Lindgren (from Junibacken, in English)

Cold Bitter Rain

“Cold Bitter Rain”

Rushing to the station,
trying to catch your train
It feel like I’m being left behind,
standing here in the cold and bitter

When did the birds stop singing our
I can’t say, but it doesn’t feel that
long (ago)

Maybe we just stopped hearing
Maybe we stopped listening
I’m standing here, in the cold and
bitter rain

You are everything to me,
can’t you see how much you mean to

Maybe if I could stop your train,
I wouldn’t get so wet from the
cold and bitter rain


Happy first birthday Filip

Happy first birthday to Filip!

(this particular photo was taken with the Sony Ericsson P900 mobile phone in less-than-adequate-lighting, so I apologize for the quality)

Stop wasting my time

“Stop wasting my time”

we met a lifetime ago
we made love till the sun went up
we beat the odds, not once, not twice, but three times cold

i look at you, and i know i’m home
when you see me, i know i’m here

why are you so afraid
why is it so ugly
why can’t you come out
who do you think you’re fooling

i know who you are
i know what you look like, beneath your mask and without your clothes

why can’t you touch me, let me feel your warmth
why won’t you let me love you

stop wasting my time
if you don’t want me, if you won’t let me have all of you, just let me go

you’re wasting my time with you
you’re wasting my time with you
it’s short enough as it is


You and I used to laugh together

“You and i used to laugh together”

you and i used to laugh together
and i guessed we cried some too
but now it seems i can’t find you, no matter where i look

i must’ve done you wrong, though i don’t know how
i don’t know when i lost you, don’t know how or why
but when i turned a corner, you were no longer with me

i loved to feel your skin, loved to feel your touch
i loved to watch you naked, knowing you were mine

now i’m feeling cold
don’t know what to do without you
now i’m feeling much too old
i guess i’ll keep turning corners, hoping the next one is yours



i run
away from
pitch black
into the sunlight
i feel salt
from the sweat
when I scream
i laugh
and i can see

you see
when i can no longer
i push
when you cannot pull
then we embrace
and rest
i wonder why
my energy must clash
with the phantom
i try to leave behind

into the green
you are caught
and cannot escape
it is too late
you see
i know, somehow i know
because i set you up
for the fall
for no reason
but to have it all

when we embrace
i realize
the mistake is mine alone
and i cannot make you see
that we have no spark
no twang
it just means
we were not meant
nothing more
but much much less

you climb
i fall
when you rest
my burden is too great
i am broken
you will not return
i will not follow
thus we have parted
on our way to the top

the stain is dry
it was not a moment ago
when my heart was beating
why did you let go
now i must cover, run, and hide
pretend you were never by my side
and you, are a liar

why are you hiding
what are you hiding
are you afraid i will not like you
in the nude
feel my flesh
eat my soul
consume me, goddamnit!

stab me and i swallow
fight me and i run
cross my line and you will hurt
for as long as my life goes on

in pain i find comfort
i take no notice of the blood
dripping down
i know i am alive
for a moment longer
you see, i feel

when they point at me
my eyes see mountains
conquer them, beat them
you cannot run away
from them nor the mountains

babblemouth and wicked tales
stories of horror
true lies and dance
we must love
hate is old
and makes you cold

walk a mile in my shoes
then give me some water
for your feet must hurt
and now you know
when the pain lingers on
there is no fear
only certainty of a purpose
without return