Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm (Sweden) 19-Oct-2015

First time I’ve seen this act, but probably not the last. I’ve seen several Pink Floyd concerts over the years. The first time was during the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour, at Globen in Stockholm. I was surprised at how tight and well played the concert at Cirkus in Stockholm was last night. And it was Brit Floyd, not Pink Floyd! 🙂 Very impressive. Kudos!

You’ll find some (smartphone) pictures below as well as some videos embedded from Flickr.

Brit Floyd - Comfortably Numb  Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


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Making SimpleXML truly simple using JSON in PHP

So using SimpleXML in PHP is possibly one of the worst hells of typecasting and data extraction procedures one can encounter, or close to it 🙂 But more the point, you don’t need to walk down that road alone, enter JSON.

In the simplest of ways, this will typically get you something useful:

    $pvar = json_decode ($xml);


(Where $xml is a SimpleXML-type object) This returns a “slightly easier to manage” PHP array.

If you want an associative array, do this:

    $pvar = json_decode ($xml, true);


To get it back to JSON, you simply use:

    $json = json_encode ($pvar).


You may need to handle XML data, but you don’t necessarily need to work with it in XML form inside your application. The above examples may not work fully for you if you have to deal with “foreign” files or clean the input data prior to conversion, but you get the idea.

This is, obviously, obvious to many. It’s a lifesaver for others 🙂


Eat your Cancer, now with every Lenovo sleeve

It seems like Lenovo (and most likely others) have their own Volkswagen Gate to deal with. I don’t know if this warning has been on all their sleeves or if this is a recent addition. Perhaps the US State of California has threatened to sue them. Regardless, I’d like Lenovo to inform their customers about what’s going on … ?

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Manufactured for Lenovo 2015-06-05. ThinkPad 12″ fitted reversible sleeve (P/N: 4X40E48909).

LenovoCancer_1 LenovoCancer_2