Slomo at joho’s

Well.. things are slowly but surely moving back to normal since the fabulous incident with my leg. Recovery of the leg is going faster than the recovery of or return to a normal working rythm. It’s amazing how much work can build up when you’re “out of it” for a whole four days. Perhaps too much shit has hit too many fans recently, and I’m just caught in the middle of it all. Either way, the laptop and the sofa are turning out to be frequently used tools when the rest of the family have since long gone to bed.

Alexander’s football team continue to evolve and have even managed to win a few games. Maybe he can find a faster path to instant fame and stardom than his father 🙂 It’s fun to watch the girls and boys go from giggling drones of chaos to giggling little football players, and a privilege to be allowed to watch them grow with every practice session. Alexander does double shifts and plays with the team one year up as well, which gives him an extra level of challenge. The downside is that he gets a bit impatient when playing with his own team.

Filip is going through a period of phase shifting, or something. He is in a different mood every six minutes, and it’s hard to keep up. With Filip getting bigger, so is his attitude, and lately I find myself intervening arguments between Filip and Alexander where I should probably just leave the room. Oh well, you live and you learn .. perhaps.

Delphi for PHP

So Borland (or CodeGear) finally realized the web was a place where old Delphi developers may hang around on, and decided to release Delphi for PHP (!). I haven’t looked at the product myself, other than screenshots, but it sounds like someone at Borland or CodeGear got their flashbulb working a bit too late. Had this product been out a few years ago, it might have been an interesting package. As an IDE and framework platform, it may still have some merit, in particular for “quick and dirty” needs. And, I suppose, for someone who has spent a lot of time working with Delphi/Kylix and want to publish “generic PHP apps” without having to learn too many new things in order to do so, Delphi for PHP may be a good solution.

Having worked with Turbo Pascal since version 2.x (yes, I’m that old), and then Borland Pascal, Object Pascal, Delphi, Turbo C/C++, Borland C/C++, I would probably have been interested in Delphi for PHP, five years ago. But I’d say it takes a lot more than a revamped Delphi interface sporting PHP code, to get people with tools like ZDE and all the available PHP frameworks, to switch their development environment.

TASM anyone? Or perhaps Microsoft will now release MASM for PHP. Another hotseller might be Sidekick for the Web! 🙂

I wish CodeGear the best of luck, and I hope this will bring forth even more competent PHP developers.

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