You know you’re getting old..

.. when you start getting “Happy Birthday” messages from forums, user groups, portals, and other “web places” you can’t even remember you signed up for. It goes with the territory I suppose, when you sign up for technical support forums and other community sites; but honestly, how often do you remember to go back to a site and “unregister” yourself? 🙂

I think I’ll keep my membership on all these sites though, after all, they remembered my birthday 🙂

As did a few people “from the past”; people who shouldn’t remember anything about this particular date. John (Jona) asked if we had to call out the fire department this year.. well.. the day isn’t over yet 🙂

Dell is getting Dull

Have you ever purchased something from Dell? If you haven’t, don’t.. unless you’re in constant need of recycled advertising material. Seriously.. I’ve made the “mistake” of buying three Dell products in my life, and I was apparently assigned as the contact person for a fourth. I now get four separate installments of all the shit that Dell sends out (I’m not sure it’d be good even for toilet use), and I have no idea how to opt out. What’s worse is that I never asked for this to begin with. This was a courtesy gesture from Dell, as a special thank you note for spending my money on their products. And the clever boys and girls at Dell send two installments to my company’s delivery address, where there’s no mailbox. So the mailman just drops the stuff on the floor, assuming whoever lives on the address will come by and sweep the floor for advertisement. What?!

Yaaay, Yaaay, and Hooray!

For the billionth time, I have now logged an issue with the customer service department. Getting a ticket id of #20060922123817140, I expect I’ll be getting noticed somewhere between being buried in advertisement and actually receiving a new Dell laptop for my 80th birthday.

Here’s a suggestion for Dell: To all order forms, printed or web based, add a big box with “[ ] YES, I WANT DELL TO CUT DOWN FOUR THOUSAND TREES IN MY NAME AND CONVERT IT TO USELESS PRODUCT FLYERS THAT ARE OUTDATED BY THE TIME THEY REACH MY MAILBOX”. My guess is they won’t be getting many X:s on them.

Room to breathe

What a difference two days can make; specially if they’re spent on Blidö! We – being Göran, Alexander, and myself – decided to make a little road trip to Blidö for two days. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm. We spent a good three hours on the water, going to Furusund for an ice cream while we were at it. Alexander had a blast, not having to compete with Filip for all the attention 🙂 Saturday ended with a big barbecue and a few (wel..) beers. Alexander had himself an extra few pieces of candy.

Wow.. I can breathe again!

Doing 250 km/h .. ouch!

Well, it’s been too long, but now I’m finally here again. Not that anybody may notice my absence besides myself. Anyway, it’s the 15th and I’ve logged some 158 working hours thus far. Something is obviously wrong with this picture, but at the moment, there isn’t much I can do about it. Late nights and early mornings has been the motto; thank goodness for wireless networking, comfortable sofas, and laptops. I don’t mind the nights so much when I can keep up with other activities like my family, Aikido, being a football (soccer) coach for Alexander’s team and what not, but when work starts to nibble on weekend time, I get annoyed.

This weekend, Göran is coming up from Copenhagen for a weekend visit. Alexander, Göran, and myself will be going on a little road trip to Blidö. With a bit of luck and some good weather, we’ll be spending time on the water in the boat. It’ll be a nice break from the past two weeks of work-work-work-work-work-sleep-work-work-work.

Other things on the agenda has been to maintain and update, a site dedicated to listing Swedish RSS feeds, and, an outlet for my irritation with many food manufacturers and people’s lack of insight when it comes to keeping crap food (or “junkfood”) at arm’s length. A cool thing with is that I finally got to play with yet another piece of CMS software called Dynamo, developed and marketed by a Swedish company called Webcore. It’s a very straightforward piece of software with little “flash bang”, but with a lot of speed and well thought out workflow paths.

Smooth MetaCity Blendish window decorations

Playing around with Novell’s SLED 10 (short for “SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop“), I wanted to find a more quiet MetaCity window decoration than I had previously used. On the laptop where I’m testing SLED, the precious 1400×1050 resolution must be used to its maximum capacity. Browsing I came across Blendish. Coupled with small screen fonts and the Xfce controls, together with the Crystal Clear for GNOME icon theme, I managed to get a really quiet and smooth looking working environment with Gnome.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy 59th Birthday Mom! Had you been here, you would have seen your grandchildren doing wonderful things. You went too fast and much too soon. You are remembered by many and missed by more. Sometimes I could really do with someone telling me “I believe in you”. See ya around.