Grim Reaper

I couldn’t close the door.. something was in the way. I pushed as hard as I could, I kicked the door, but every time I thought I had it closed, it would open again. Just as I was about to give up thinking it wasn’t worth it, the door flew open and there stood the reaper.

I woke up and realized it was a dream, a bad dream. Maybe it’s time I slow down on the coffee, or work, or something.. I don’t know; maybe I should get a dreamcatcher. I hope this wasn’t a warning.. I’m nowhere near finished.


Being a few steps behind, for a change, as far as the music scene goes, I just discovered Submersed’s album “In Due Time”. The sound of Submersed lands somewhere between Creed and 3 Doors Down. If you like such bands, you may want to check out Submersed.

Bigger Bang

Never having been a fan of the Rolling Stones, I was really surprised (bordering to shock) after having listened through their (latest) “A Bigger Bang” album! I’m quite sure that die hard ‘Stones fans think the opposite, but this is an awesome album, and in my opinion the best they’ve ever put out.

I saw them live in Luxembourg many years ago (damn, did I say “many”?!?), and it was a good gig; despite the weather. They just never did anything for me.

Until now.

Good flow, good rythm.. nice tunes!

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While on, I also saw this album on vinyl (!), check here for yourself.