Dinosaur cancels TV

So we once had a nice Sony 29″ Trinitron TV. So I wished I could keep it going for another two to three years and patiently wait for the next generation LCD TV:s to arrive. So Sony didn’t take the DINO FACTOR into account when they built their fabulous product.

At 17:55 local time, Filip decided that enough was enough and grabbed a big dinosaur (I think it’s a T-Rex of all things) and slammed into the side of the TV. At 18:45 local time, the Sony KV-29X5E Trinitron TV was pronounced dead.

I do computers and other electronic gadgets, but I’m not about to open up a TV that we bought in 1997 and think I’ll have a busted CRT-based gadget good to go in a reasonable amount of time.

So I had to dash off to the store, miss the first one’s closing by five minutes (yaaay!), and finally find another 29″ replacement TV (this time a good one from Philips) for a reasonable price; I just need it to last me a few more years — and besides, this one will be cheaper to replace if Filip decides to play tennis with it, or some other this-is-what-two-year-olds-do-to-figure-out-the-world activity.

Filip, needless to say, will spend the rest of his life in a TV repair shop. You can read what he had to say about it all right here.

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