Canon to unleash the EOS 5D!

There’s a lot of hot stuff cooking at Canon! Last in a number of recent product announcements comes the not-so-unexpected (it seems Canon enjoys “pre-releasing” aka leaking, quite a bit) announcement of the EOS 5D D-SLR camera. The biggest news? It sports a 12.8 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor.

This camera is a notch above the “pro-[con]sumer” (currently 20D) and a notch below the 1D; I don’t care, I want one!

You’ll find more information on and on Canon’s website.

Joshua is back!

Want to play with the computer that let Joshua communicate with Mathew Broderick in the 1984 movie WarGames? Well, now you can! The Fischer-Freitas Company, formed by a couple of IMSAI employees, have decided to release a vintage IMSAI, able to supply some more “up to date” functionality.

If you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, or never had the chance to “play” with the IMSAI, this may be your chance to get your hands on some serious feeling of vintage!

Read more on RetroThing.

You’ll find Fischer-Freitas here.


We’ve had a grand visit to Stockholm! The East Indiaman Götheborg is currently moored at the docks of Skeppsbron in Stockholm. Since we’re “normal” people and have daytime jobs, we decided to start the day of the 18th a “little” bit earlier. Göran picked me up around 0500 and then we drove to the city for this wonderful photographic opportunity.

Standing next to it, it is hard not to be amazed. There’s something about old ships that are “re-born” so to speak.

Go to her homepage here. Check out the pictures from the shoot here.