Innocence at its best

Here ends another week, to leave room for a new one.

It was, as usual, a busy week at work.

I managed to squeeze in the watching of two movies (Hide & Seek and Suspect Zero), both of which were a bit odd.

On Saturday, I went for a one-day Aikido seminar (well, the seminar was Fri-Sun, but I do have a family) at our Aikido Dojo. They’re always great!

Today (Sunday), Alexander and I went to get the car washed – and it struck me how cool it is to watch him while we’re sitting in the car and it being washed; lots of noise, lots of water and foam.. all you need to excite someone 🙂 It’s interesting to see how something “simple” can be entertaining. Specially in the age of instant communication, computer gaming, and what not.

To top off the weekend, I managed to upgrade the Blog from Serendipity 0.71 to 0.8 – yaay!

17 weeks and counting.

Oh.. and I finally dumped my last installation of Miranda in favor of Gaim.

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