Feed Me Better!

I’m watching Jamie Oliver on TV as I’m typing this; it’s a program about his “Feed me better!” campaign, which is basically about trying to get British school children to eat better (and thus also about trying to get British schools to serve better food). He doesn’t screw around with fancy words; instead calling things for what they are.


Since I’m typing this from the TV sofa on a laptop using a wireless Internet connection, I checked on Jamie’s campaign “live” so to speak. The campaign has reached 271 000 signatures. Read about that particular newsflash here.

Why is it that we, time and time again, choose to spend so little on preventive measures and so much on treatment when it comes to healthcare? Although Swedish schools generally serve acceptable (or close to) food, I’d rather pay a little bit more for healthy and tasty food, than paying for overweight children.

Go Go Jamie, Go Go Jamie!

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