The Skype Hype

How cool is Skype? Well, considering that it’s one of those “ButOfCourse(tm)! Why didn’t I think of that?!” type things, it must mean it’s very cool. It’s something many software developers have thought about, but few have done anything about.

Having played with it for a total of 60 minutes today, I’ve decided to buy two headsets (they had them on a Skype special, including 120 minutes of SkypeOut-talk); one to be used at home (USB, for more plug-and-pray compatibility), and the other for use at work.

I was also quickly informed of two hybrid telephones (one is from Siemens) that handle both Skype-VOIP and traditional telephony; awesome! Here’s a review of the Siemens M34.

The coolest things with Skype is, of course, that it’s a nice slap on the wrist for the telephone companies; as in “HELLO!!! IT’S TIME TO WAKE UUUUP”.

So I guess you’ve got to ask yourself, Do you feel Skyped yet? Well, do ya?!

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