Red Lager

Watched “Map of the World” with Sigourney Weaver on TV; it’s an “old” movie, old as in a few years old. It’s about a mother who watches her friend’s two children, and one of them drowns. I was surprised at the quality of the movie, and I had never heard of it before.

Also found a wonderful lager from Spendrups called “Red Lager” (Röd Lager); it’s a borderline case of being too sweet, but I believe that has to do with the malt they use. Sweden has a lot of good micro breweries, but most of the major breweries (Pripps and Spendrups mostly) turn out very medium-everything beer without much taste . There are of course exceptions, and “Red Lager” is definitely one of them. More information (Swedish, sorry) about the beer can be found here.

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