Computer games

.. is something I rarely find time to play these days. Although, I’m sure I could sleep an hour less if I really wanted to get an hour’s worth of gameplay. The big “problem” is that I get tired sooo quickly of computer games. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Awesome graphics, great storylines, superb gameplay.. and yet.. they lack something. Some games hold my interest longer than others of course.

Oh well; one who is not tired of computer games is my dear friend Jon (that’ll be the Jon in “JonJoFreya”).. so I just got him hooked up with his own game blog, so he could separate his ramblings from that of his family’s. You’ll find his blog on

Janet is on a kick-off with her company.. Alexander and Filip are both sleeping. I’m sitting here, sipping some Tallisker and actually considering giving “Rome Total War” a try (I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t be tired of it).

It’s been a busy week.. it is tiresome to take care of a child during the day and then go and work at night until 0200-0300 in the morning. Yes, pat me on the back please 🙂

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