Disney On Ice

Just got back from watching Disney On Ice with Alexander (thanks to Göran for remembering to get the tickets this time around too) at the Globe arena in Stockholm. Nice show!

Alexander really enjoyed it, as did I. In particular, Tarzan & Co was the most appreciated I think. This year also featured the Jungle Book and the Lion King. The mandatory we need to buy a stupid toy made in China and sold under the Disney brand for six hundred times the amount it cost to manufacture routine was also accomplished by spending SEK 100 on a “spinning light” (don’t ask).

I went to go to the restroom and knocked my head straight into one of those huge (and very hard) scene lighting pieces and split open a gash at the top of my head. So I got it seen to and some band-aid put on it; they tell me I’ll get a scar there.. 😉 Apparently, this little accident will render some free tickets for next year’s show; it’ll be interesting to see just how generous they are. I don’t know what idiot decided to put the lighting equipment among the spectator seats, but it doesn’t seem like a very bright idea (pun intended).

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