Software patents for Morons

Way to go Poland for (once again) stalling the process of the EU ruling/deciding on Software Patents within the EU. Many aspects of the proposals, and current laws/regulations in some other countries in regards to software patens are truly and unquestionably stupid!

There are so many good examples of why the concept software patents is a bad idea, and for those of you who don’t care or don’t know, apply the concept to everyday life instead:

  • The way you grill a steak; sorry, you can’t do that anymore without buying a license. “Yes, but this is common knowledge”, you claim! So? So is the “doubleclicking of the mouse”, “the customer shopping cart” used on many web sites, and so on..
  • The way you put butter on your toast with a knife; sorry, you can’t do that anymore, we’ve filed a patent application for that. If you want to use your bare hands, that’s OK, otherwise you’ll have to buy a “butterspread license” from us. Oh, if you decide to do it with your bare hands, you might want to be careful before you wipe your hands clean with that paper towel, we’ve filed a patent for that too.

Software should be COPYRIGHTED, not PATENTED.

Has Sun seen the light?!

Sun today announced something referred to as OpenSolaris.. they also announced that they’re releasing a “free-to-use” license for some 1600 patents they claim to own. I’m not quite sure what all this means in regards to “real life”, but I’m sure millions of people and thousands of lawyers will be involved in figuring this out 🙂 Regardless, it’s a nice gesture and a big step in the right direction; way to go Sun!

This could, of course, just be another marketing stunt aimed at selling more hardware 🙂

The announcement for OpenSolaris is here.
The OpenSolaris site can be found on
The announcement for the patents is here.


I just listened to a CD that a friend recommended from a band called Plan3. They’re a completely unknown (to me) band from Stockholm. Sounds good. Their written English needs help in a “few” places, and the photographs on their website could be.. eh.. “better”. But I guess the music is what matters; go check it out on On the website, you can download MP3:s of their songs (192kbps), which is nice.

Red Lager

Watched “Map of the World” with Sigourney Weaver on TV; it’s an “old” movie, old as in a few years old. It’s about a mother who watches her friend’s two children, and one of them drowns. I was surprised at the quality of the movie, and I had never heard of it before.

Also found a wonderful lager from Spendrups called “Red Lager” (Röd Lager); it’s a borderline case of being too sweet, but I believe that has to do with the malt they use. Sweden has a lot of good micro breweries, but most of the major breweries (Pripps and Spendrups mostly) turn out very medium-everything beer without much taste . There are of course exceptions, and “Red Lager” is definitely one of them. More information (Swedish, sorry) about the beer can be found here.

Computer games

.. is something I rarely find time to play these days. Although, I’m sure I could sleep an hour less if I really wanted to get an hour’s worth of gameplay. The big “problem” is that I get tired sooo quickly of computer games. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Awesome graphics, great storylines, superb gameplay.. and yet.. they lack something. Some games hold my interest longer than others of course.

Oh well; one who is not tired of computer games is my dear friend Jon (that’ll be the Jon in “JonJoFreya”).. so I just got him hooked up with his own game blog, so he could separate his ramblings from that of his family’s. You’ll find his blog on

Janet is on a kick-off with her company.. Alexander and Filip are both sleeping. I’m sitting here, sipping some Tallisker and actually considering giving “Rome Total War” a try (I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t be tired of it).

It’s been a busy week.. it is tiresome to take care of a child during the day and then go and work at night until 0200-0300 in the morning. Yes, pat me on the back please 🙂

Filip unleashed!

For the third day in a row, we’ve been to day care. It’s just an hour at a time to ease Filip into the thought of being without SuperDad(tm). Next week we’ll go for two hour sets, ending up with a full day of day care on the 28th of January. After that, things are back to the usual slave to the grind.

Filip really likes being around other children (I guess they’re more fun than dad); you can tell he has a big brother at home. Respect is not yet a fully acquired skill 🙂

Tears of the earth

I don’t know what to make of the “Tsunami incident” in southeast Asia; it’s a terrible thing, one that I cannot personally identify with. That is, I can by no means even begin to understand how the survivors must feel.

Yes, several of my countrymen lost their lives; many families have been destroyed, friends and loved ones lost. But we’re not the only ones who have lost. Poor people, struggling to survive the challenges of everyday tasks such as finding food and what not, have been severly affected by this catastrophy as well. Children have lost their parents, their brothers and sisters. Dreams have been shattered, futures swept away like a dirty rug.

It is a high price to pay for mankind to co-operate.

Hurricane dreams

It’s been a windy 24 hours around Sweden; reports of a number of dead people, destroyed property, floodings, and what not. In the yard in front of our house, there are two huge oaks, one of which had a big branch come down from the wind.

The branch was stuck half ways, so we had to call the fire department. Alexander (and many other children) goes to daycare there, so it seemed like a good idea to have the branch safely removed by professionals.

Winter? Well, I haven’t seen much of winter yet. Are we changing the climate? You think?